[Blue Protocol] List of Changes

Fellow member Zakum has compiled a list of changes and a brief summary sheet/overview.

[Blue Protocol] Skill Calculator

Blue Protocol Database has released a skill calculator. Check it out!

[Blue Protocol] Datamined Info #2

The boiz at Blue Protocol Database is truly doing the Lord’s work. The following is from them. New Classes The image above shows translation of some class names found in the datamined files. There are names of the four currently…

[Exploration] Club Tries Flyff M

The Club will be taking a nostalgic ride into Flyff on December 15th. Feel free to join us on this adventure. Register for CBT here CBT Details here.

Club Explores Tree Of Life Oddria

The Club went to try out this game called Tree of Life:Oddria, a survival-based crafting game. Truth be told, we only had 1 mission in mind. To build a treehouse. All in all, as far as scuff games go, Tree…

The Club Returns

After a 6 month hiatus. I, Zuko have come back and decided to rebuild the club. Learning from our previous experience/mistakes. I have decided to turn the club from a Blue-Protocol focused community into a generalized Anime-Gaming community. I believe…

Content Creator Cryy – Retires

Content Creator Cryy announced his retirement from content creation this past weekend through a video. Cryy has been a huge character within the Blue Protocol community and gaming/anime in general. His sudden announcement comes as a surprise as he cites…