[Blue Protocol] – Livestream 4

1. Salamzart Oasis (New Town) In the stream, we were presented with a new area. This is known as the Salamzart Oasis which is a desert themed area. The Salamzart Oasis will have NPCs and buildings which will heavily match…

[Blue Protocol] List of Changes

Fellow member Zakum has compiled a list of changes and a brief summary sheet/overview.

[Blue Protocol] Skill Calculator

Blue Protocol Database has released a skill calculator. Check it out!

[Blue Protocol] Datamined Info #2

The boiz at Blue Protocol Database is truly doing the Lord’s work. The following is from them. New Classes The image above shows translation of some class names found in the datamined files. There are names of the four currently…

Guild Meeting – Live #1 Q/A Session

Below are the meeting notes. 50 members attended this meeting so shoutout to them for showing up! The Script Introduction Hello, my name is Zuko and for all the new members or guests. I’m the guild leader for Nightfall and…

Nightfall – PRE-CBT 1 Weekly Recap

Hello everybody. As you may have picked up in discord. The guild has been extremely busy these past 48 hours as the results of CBT have created a surge of activity not only within the guild & social club, but…

[Blue Protocol] Blue Protocol CBT 1 Dates Announced

The Closed Beta Test begins Thursday, April 23 19:00 JST/ 6:00 am EST/ 11:00 CET! Winners will be selected on MARCH 30th. CBT implementation schedule March 30: Information on application results for CBT March 30-April 6: CBT Friends Invitation Period…

[Official] Blue Protocol – Blast Archer Skills

Official Video displaying Blast Archer Skills

[Official] Blue Protocol -Spellcaster Skills

Official Video displaying Spellcaster skills