Interview – Blue Protocol’s Impact on Kurtzpel

Let’s be real. Blue Protocol is literally the corona virus for MMO’s. Anywhere you go, whatever discord you’re in. The topic of Blue Protocol is somewhere in the chat. Especially in the Anime-Inspired MMO genre. From Aura Kingdom all the…

[Official] Blue Protocol – Twin Striker Skills

Official Video displaying Twin Striker Skills

[Official]Blue Protocol – Aegis Fighter Skills

Official Video displaying Aegis Skills

[Rage] Blue Protocol – All Classes Abilities + Imajinn Monster Summons + Skill Trees Explained

A short breakdown of the class abilities and skill trees along with the Imajinn system.

Blue Protocol – SURGE of Maplestory 2 Refugees

With Maplestory 2 finally shutting down, prob the best decision made by Nexon in years, we can expect a surge of Maplestory 2 immigrants. This has risen tensions between the Kurtzpel Refugees who have settled on Blue Protocol months before.…

Nightfall – Timeline

Since transparency is important or some shit. Here’s what’s going down in the guild. The PlanZ. Of course, we’ll be looking for some member’s help. And since I know none of you are busy since you’re under quarantine. At this…

[Blue Protocol] Zuko’s Arena Guide

Introduction Arena is being introduced as one of Blue Protocol’s “Endgame” content in JP CBT-1. Unlike your traditional “PvP” (Player vs Player), Blue Protocol puts a twist on the term. Instead of fighting players, you’ll be fighting parties of AI…

[Rage] Blue Protocol Dev Stream 3 Summary

Rage does a pretty good job on just summarizing the main points of Dev Stream #3.

[Blue Protocol] – Confirms they will announce CBT schedule in LATE March

In an official tweet, Blue Protocol confirms again that they will be releasing the CBT Schedule in Late March. People are also suspecting that CBT Keys will also be delivered during that time frame.

Club Meeting #1

If you’re too lazy to listen here’s the script. Hey, what’s up my name is Zuko. Most of you know me. So I haven’t done this for the entire club, but I think it’s appropriate that we do have one…