Club Explores Tree Of Life Oddria

The Club went to try out this game called Tree of Life:Oddria, a survival-based crafting game. Truth be told, we only had 1 mission in mind. To build a treehouse. All in all, as far as scuff games go, Tree…

The Club Returns

After a 6 month hiatus. I, Zuko have come back and decided to rebuild the club. Learning from our previous experience/mistakes. I have decided to turn the club from a Blue-Protocol focused community into a generalized Anime-Gaming community. I believe…

Content Creator Cryy – Retires

Content Creator Cryy announced his retirement from content creation this past weekend through a video. Cryy has been a huge character within the Blue Protocol community and gaming/anime in general. His sudden announcement comes as a surprise as he cites…

[Blue Protocol] Blue Protocol CBT 1 Dates Announced

The Closed Beta Test begins Thursday, April 23 19:00 JST/ 6:00 am EST/ 11:00 CET! Winners will be selected on MARCH 30th. CBT implementation schedule March 30: Information on application results for CBT March 30-April 6: CBT Friends Invitation Period…

[Official] Blue Protocol – Blast Archer Skills

Official Video displaying Blast Archer Skills

[Official] Blue Protocol -Spellcaster Skills

Official Video displaying Spellcaster skills

[Official] Blue Protocol – Twin Striker Skills

Official Video displaying Twin Striker Skills

[Official]Blue Protocol – Aegis Fighter Skills

Official Video displaying Aegis Skills

[Rage] Blue Protocol – All Classes Abilities + Imajinn Monster Summons + Skill Trees Explained

A short breakdown of the class abilities and skill trees along with the Imajinn system.

[Blue Protocol] Zuko’s Arena Guide

Introduction Arena is being introduced as one of Blue Protocol’s “Endgame” content in JP CBT-1. Unlike your traditional “PvP” (Player vs Player), Blue Protocol puts a twist on the term. Instead of fighting players, you’ll be fighting parties of AI…